Papyrus is a Library Administration System. Papyrus is cloud based or desktop software for creating your own personal or professional library system. Developed since 1995 and used by hundreds of libraries around the world, choose Papyrus to run your library.

Libraries have been using Papyrus for more than 25 years


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Cataloging Books
Subjects, Authors and Series
Number of books/records5005000UnlimitedUnlimited
Multiple Copies of a book
Searching (OPAC)
Stock Take
Textbook Management
Members and Patrons
Add Members or Patrons
Member Photos
ID Cards
Importing Members
Circulation of items to Members
Circulation - Issues and Returns
Lending privileges and Fine Management
Circulation Reports
Overdue Management
Other features
Help Files, Video Tutorials
Customise Parameters
Multiple Locations
Number of UsersOne UserOne UserTwo usersTwo users
Purchase more users
Upgrade to next level
Virtual Training provided at R 900/hour
Trial Periodunlimited3 months3 months3 months
Annual FeeNo chargeR 3000 per yearR 8000 per yearR 12000 per year
Education or NGO Pricing
Annual FeeNo chargeR 1500 per yearR 4000 per yearR 6000 per year