Management of Papyrus

The Management of Papyrus covers several areas. These include setting up the Parameters and the Maintenance of the system. These parameters have significant effect on the functioning of Papyrus and their use is limited to the senior librarian Users.

If you are not sure of the ramifications of the change of any parameter, it is essential that a backup of the Papyrus Data is secure before these Parameters are changed.


Each set of Parameters covers the functioning of Papyrus. There are three broad groups

The Global Parameters cover the registration of Papyrus, Counters, Photograph parameters, Mailing, Backups, Spine Label Parameters, Active Directory and Integration into other systems. Other Parameters cover System Dates, Papyrus Users, Locations of Branches of the Library

The Publication Types and their Templates for Cataloguing, Stock Status

Member Types, the Privileges of Members around borrowing parameters, and the Categories of Members are the last set of prameters


Some of the changes in the system require maintenance of the records in Papyrus. They include updating the Bibliograpic records, the Authority Records, Stock Shelf sorting, and cross referencing Authorities

In addition to these functions, Merging of Bibliographic and Authority records can be achieved.

Importing Members is another maintenance function. Member records can be imported from Excel, CSV and external Administration Systems