EasyCat screen provides all the features ro manage the cataloguing of publication types and the accessioning of stock against those types.

In this step, we will see how we add a new member into Papyrus. Member's are uniquely identified by Member Number.

Start by clicking the Members tool bar button on the Main Screen.

The Member Maintenance screen will show. Click the Add New button to add a new member

The Member Number

Based on the Next Member Number in the Global Parameters, a new Member Number is show. You may use this number or enter a unique number that identifies the Member. Then Click OK

Completing the Member's Details

The screen is divided in the Member details group and below that 10 tabs which cover different aspects of the Member. Fill in the 3 most important fields which are the Surname, First Names and the Member Type. The member Type that is initially selected is the Default Member Type in the Global Parameters. Use the Drop Down list to select different Member Type if necessary.

You may chose to fill in other fields as required. The Barcode field can be used as a different identifier for members. Once you have completed the information, click the UPDATE button to save the information. Further Members can be added by clicking the Add New button again